Shopping in great stuff from Manali

Besides, its natural beauty and lush greenery Manali is also one of the best places to bag in great artwork and finest Pahari paintings. The mall Road is one of the best places, which is home to numerous shops, restaurants and offices. From here you can bag in great souvenirs and stuff for your wardrobe. Tourists from the domestic as well as international circuit applaud the handicrafts work of the local artisans from Manali. There are also numerous Emporiums and shops operated by Himachal Tourism.

Some of the famous Things to buy from Manali are:
• Woolen clothes
• Kullu Cap
• Pahari paintings
• Musical instruments
• Decorative things
Moreover, these shops are also famous for their Tibetan stuff like:
• Face masks
• Prayer wheels
• Amulets
• Sculptures & statues

So, if you too are in Manali, then make sure to visit the shopping plazas and shop great stuff for you and your near and dear ones.