Himalayan Ski Village – Hub of Adventure and Leisure Holidays on the Top of Hills

Himachal tourism has a lot to explore and enjoy your holidays. For adventure holiday lovers who love to lost into the fun and pleasure for time to come, some amazing sites are ready to welcome. Some of them are proposed mountain resorts development in the Himalayan region. Himalayan Ski Village is one of them that is proposed mountain resort in Himalayan Region of the Kullu Valley in Northern part of India. It is on the elevation of 4200 meter that will be the first fully planned and integrated mountain resort in India targeting both national and international tourists.

The beautiful village will be a lot more like 8 lift, 3 staged gondola, tram and skiable terrain to service more and more visitors. Here, more than 700 hotel rooms and 20000 square feet convention facilities along with spa, performing art center, restaurants and shopping centers will be opened. You will be busy in exploring the natural wonders and find yourself in the pool of adventure games.

Himalayan Ski Village is an ideal holiday destination for honeymooners too who want to sit high on the mountain edge and want to walk for some distance with their honey.

Reaching here is also easy and hassle-free as you have to reach Kullu and from where you will be carried to Himalayan Ski Village.