Vashist Hot Water Springs and Temples

Being one of the famous temples and hot water springs in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Vashistha Hot Water Springs and Temples is at the distance of three km from Manali on the left bank of River Beas towards Rohtang Pass. The beautiful village is known for its natural hot Sulphur springs and temples. The beautiful and sacred Vashist Hot Water Springs and Temples is the most prominent temple is the pyramidal stone temple that is dedicated to sage Vashist. The famous and sacred temple and hot water spring is visited by both locals and tourists who take a dip in the spring to gain benefits and its medicinal properties.

In order for ease in bathing, separate bathing tanks have been built here for men and women with a modern bathroom with Turkish style showers fitted baths. Visiting the beautiful place early in the morning is an ideal way of enjoying bath. Foreign tourists from across the world love to spend some time here to take a dip in hot sprint and to witness the presence of Mother Nature.

Vashist Hot Water Springs and Temples is an ideal gateway for those who often feel pain and headaches or getting irritated. Here, after taking a bath, they will feel relaxed and cool.

Reaching here is easy and accessible as you have to first of all reach Manali and then take a bus or taxi to reach Vashist Hot water springs and temples in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh.